Year 6 Spring Term

Hola Mexico - Spring 1

This half term, children will have the opportunity to explore mesmerising Mexican culture. They will begin by travelling around the hall, using the eight points of a compass, to place Mexico in relation to the rest of the world. This geography topic will then enable children to use digital maps to identify Mexico and its major cities. Pupils will compare the human and physical features of Mexico to that of the United Kingdom, and consider its key resources, allowing children to understand the similarities and differences it has with other parts of the world. Some of the wonderful culture, celebrations and special days will also be explored as children will be making their own tasty burritos, thinking carefully about their recipe in order to create a food that is both healthy and successfully celebrates culture and seasonality.  


In our writing lessons, we will be exploring ‘The Day of the Dead’ and the children will have the opportunity to research and find out why this day is celebrated. They will then write a non-fiction text about ‘The Day of the Dead’ and include key information about this significant event in the Mexican Culture.  


Help your child prepare for their project

Mexico is a fascinating land full of music and celebration. Why not work together and use non-fiction books or online research to find out about the impressive landmarks of Mexico? You could also look at holiday brochures or websites to plan an imaginary trip to Mexico. Alternatively, you could sample Mexican food in a restaurant or at home.