Year 6 Transistion

Year 6 Transition (also known as moving to Secondary School!)
Moving to a new school is an exciting thing to do!  It gives you a chance to make new friends, or strengthen existing friendships further.  It also allows you to learn about a wide range of subjects, some familiar and some new, as well as experience a huge range of new learning opportunities, such as working in a Science laboratory or using specialist PE equipment.  You get to learn in a new classroom for each subject and navigate your way across a huge school site which helps you get plenty of exercise!  Lots of children enjoy taking responsibility for organising themselves and carrying all their equipment around with them, from pens and pencils to text and exercise books.  And getting a new uniform always makes you walk taller and take a pride in yourself.
To help our Year 6 get ready for this momentous occasion in their lives, we are going to keep adding resources to this page so that they start to think a bit about the future and begin to ask any questions they have.  Any little worries are always helped when we talk about them...
Here are links to the schools that our current Year 6 will be transferring to
(click on the school logo to go to their website!) :