Safeguarding Policy

Who are our Designated Safeguarding Leads?
The Designated Safeguarding Lead for Thornton is Miss Charlotte Loach, Assistant Headteacher.  She has undertaken the three day Safeguarding training with the Local Authority and receives regular updates to ensure that she is fully up to date with Safeguarding practices.
All members of the Senior Leadership team:  Mrs Cathy Grace (Headteacher),  Mrs Katie Biddle-Rawbone (Assistant Head) and Mrs Shabana Mazar (Acting Assistant Head) are all fully qualified DSLs as well as Mrs Lubna Shaheen (Inclusion Manager) and Miss Shanti Devi (Pastoral Manager) who are also fully trained DSLs.  They undertake regular updates and supervision each term.
How do we know that staff who work at Thornton are suitable to work with children?
When staff are appointed there is always someone on the interview panel who has had recent Safer Recruitment training.  The school makes rigorous checks to ensure that staff are eligible to work with children and everyone, including Governors, has to undergo an enhanced DBS, which checks that the person has no convictions that would prevent them from working with children.  The school keeps a comprehensive Single Central Record which documents these checks and this is audited by an external advised each year to ensure that it is up to date and meets current legislation. (See below for the Single Central Record Audit from October 2019 - this is done annually).
How do we record Safeguarding concerns?
The school used the CPOMS secure electronic recording system for logging all Safeguarding and Child protection concerns and also a wider range of concerns such as bullying, racism, extremism, homophobia, parental concerns and contact with external agencies.  The School Nurse also uses Medical Tracker to record all incidents where a child is hurt or feels unwell whilst in school.  She, and the Pastoral Manager, work alongside parents to offer guidance and support on a range of Safeguarding issues such as basic first aid, parenting and behaviour management.
How do staff keep up to date with safeguarding and child protection issues?
Staff have Safeguarding Briefings at least termly, more often if there is any significant change in Safeguarding practice or requirements.  In the last year staff have also received FGM, Prevent (WRAP), Channel Online, basic First Aid and Asthma and Epipen training.  They are currently working on a certified, comprehensive online Safeguarding update.
How can you find out how we deal with safeguarding and child protection concerns?
Please take the time to read our Safeguarding Policy and do not hesitate to contact the school should you have any questions relating to this issue.