School Meals

 Free School Meals

Those parents who think they are eligible for free meals should visit the Free School Meals Checking Service at Online FSM Application (

Alternatively, contact the administration team at the school office. You will then be given the appropriate form to complete, and be required to provide written evidence before free meals can be granted.

For more government information on Free School Meals please click here.


From September 2022 Miquil Catering Limited will be providing the school meals at Thornton. We are very excited to have a new caterer at the school and look forward to working alongside Miquil to serve healthy and nutritious meals for the pupils.

You can view the newsletter and menus here from Miquil Catering.

Below are the Menu selections 


Week 1 - w/c 31/10/2022, 21/11/2022, 12/12/2022, 03/01/2022, 23/01/2023 & 13/02/2023


Week 2 - w/c 07/11/2022, 28/11/2022, 09/01/2023, & 30/01/2023 


Week 3 - w/c 14/11/2022, 05/12/2022, 16/01/2023, 06/02/2023 

Paid School Meals

The cost of school meals is currently £12.50 per week.

All dinner money must be paid in advance every Monday morning.

Breakdown of Charges 

1 day         £2.50
2 days        £5.00
3 days        £7.50
4 days        £9.00
5 days        £12.50

Payment for school meals is through ParentPay. It enables parents to pay for school dinners online. It is an easy payment system where you can use a debit card securely, or alternatively you can pay cash using a bar coded letter at any outlet where you see the Paypoint sign. There are helpful instructions and step by step guides on the ParentPay website. If you require further assistance, the administration team in the school office are always happy to help. To access ParentPay please follow the link below.


Please note that from September 2022 the price of school meals will increase by 10 pence to £2.50 a day - £12.50 a week. 

Packed Lunches
We have a lunchbox policy to encourage healthy choices for all children in the school. All food served in school is governed by legislation and it is therefore important to adopt the same approach for food brought from home.
A good lunchbox should include at least one portion of fruit and at least one portion of vegetables each day. Meat, fish or other source of non-dairy protein should also be included in your child's lunchbox each day.
Drinks provided should either be water, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, or yoghurt drinks.
Please have a look at the leaflet below for further information regarding our lunchbox policy.
Halal Meat
All meat served at the school is certified Halal and accredited by HMC.
The current provider details are:

Spice Time, 254 Summer Lane, Birmingham, West Midlands, B19 2PX

Spice Time meat and poultry is Red Tractor assured which is the UK's leading scheme for food quality and traceability. Halal accreditation is via the Halal Monitoring Committee UK and they have a representative of HMC on their premises at all times, ensuring the high standard required for halal.

If parents wish to contact them directly, Spicetime are more than happy to confirm accreditation.

Accreditation is updated on a weekly basis.

Please see the information below: