Year 4 Summer Term

Burps, Bottoms and Bile - The Digestive System (Summer 1)

We will start our lessons by carrying out a range of investigations to explore the role of digestive system. Children will work collaboratively to label the digestive system, using a TEEP style approach, and will work practically to examine how the digestive system functions. Using household items we will carry out a practical experiment which recreates the digestive process in the classroom!

In English, we will be exploring the book, “Professor Astro Cat’s Human Body Odyssey,” to gather knowledge and an appreciation of non-fiction text styles to deepen our understanding of the purpose and execution of informative texts.  By prioritising co-ordination and subordination of conjunctions, children will revise how to create flow whilst deepening the reader’s knowledge.  Before we compose our own non-fiction text, we will have opportunities to orally rehearse, present and review the effectiveness of our information.

In Science, we will focus on teeth and the digestive system. Children will be able to name, label and know the body parts associated with the digestive system and identify teeth and their functions. They will compare teeth with herbivores and carnivores and identify the differences.

In Design and Technologythe children will be set the challenge of creating a torch a dentist or veterinary doctor could use to support them to examine teeth!  They will design, make and evaluate a torch with a working circuit linking to their science topic of light.