Year 4 Summer Term (2)

Road Trip USA! - Summer 2


This topic begins with the children taking part in a treasure hunt on the school playground, to find the names of 50 states. 


In English, the picture book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner is being used as a stimulus. The children are going to create their own holiday brochure that informs and persuades the reader, using their knowledge about USA. 

In terms of geography and history the children will learn about the United States, past and present, developing a knowledge of Native American culture and discover new information about the Iroquois tribe. They will develop their map reading skills to identify the physical and human features of key locations in the United States. To enhance their learning they will go on a virtual tour of Yellowstone National Park.


In Science, the children will cover the year 3 light topic. This was not taught last year, due to the first national lockdown. Part of our reconnection curriculum is to ensure all pupils have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their education journey. 


The children will be learning about different light sources and why we need them. They will also be looking at reflection and will use a mirror to reflect objects. As well as this, they will be learning about the dangers of light and how shadows are formed.