Year 4 Spring Term (2)

 The Romans - Spring 2 
Children will be immersed in their new topic and taken back in time to meet Roman soldiers at the start of this topic! Each class will have a session with 'The History Specialists' where they participate in a range of Roman themed activities, such as:
1. Roman Forum Session

2. Boudicca

3. Brooch making

4. Pastimes, Toys & Games

5. Roman story telling

In our history work, we will be learning about how Rome began, the Roman invasions of Britain and how the Romans impacted on life in Britain. The children will build on their prior knowledge of the Stone age and the ancient Greeks to develop their understanding of how Rome began. They will discuss the theme of invasion and have opportunities to discuss why cultures have invaded areas in the past.
We will also investigate how the Romans changed Britain through the building of new towns, cities, roads and transportation. 

In English, the children will produce an information text to inform the reader about what life was like for the Romans. This will support their understanding the various aspects of Roman life. We will be reading The journal of Iliona, a Young Slave by Richard Platt so they are able to produce a simple narrative and diary recount to entertain the reader. We will finish the term by performing and responding to a range of poems by Joseph Coelho. 


In science this half term, our main focus will be the digestive system and teeth. We will describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans; identify the different types of teeth and their simple functions; and finally, construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey. We will be carrying out an investigation on eggs to identify the impact different liquids have on enamel and creating a model of the human digestive system.   


In art, the children will be investigating Roman mosaic patterns and the work of contemporary artist, Elizabeth Gower to create their own patterns using collage and digital media. The children will be able to cut and arrange card into patterns and generate digital patterns using photography and digital software on Purple Mash. 

 These artworks will be displayed around school.


At the end of the project, we’ll reflect on what the Romans did for us. You’ll receive an invitation to our art gallery where we’ll give guided tours to explain what we have learnt.


Help your child prepare for their project

The Romans changed the course of England’s history. Why not visit a museum together or look at Roman artefacts online to see what you can learn about the Romans? You could also look at holiday brochures and online information to find out about modern day Rome. Which tourist attractions would you like to visit? Alternatively, you could work together to make a model of a Roman villa using recycled materials.