Year 3 Spring Term

Rocks, Relics and Rumbles - Spring 1
This project teaches children about the features and characteristics of Earth's layers, including a detailed exploration of volcanic, tectonic and seismic activity. 

To engage the children, we are going to make a exploding volcano to see how the lava comes shooting out of the top! 


In our English lessons, we will be exploring two books. The first is called “Stone Girl, Bone Girl” - Mary Anning is probably the world's best-known fossil-hunter. As a little girl, she found a fossilised sea monster, the most important prehistoric discovery of its time. Best-selling author Laurence Anholt turns Mary's fascinating life into a beautiful story, ideal for reading aloud. Sheila Moxley's luscious pictures vividly evoke the coastal setting and the real-life dramas of this spectacular tale. The other book is called “Rhythm of the Rain” - Issac plays in his favourite pool on the mountainside. As rain starts to fall, he empties his little jar of water into the pool and races the sparkling streams as they tumble over waterfalls, rush through swollen rivers and burst out into the vast open sea. Where will my little jar of water go now? Issac wonders. On the other side of the world, Cassi welcomes the rain to her parched village... From the tiniest raindrop to the deepest ocean, this breath taking celebration of the water cycle captures the remarkable movement of water across the earth in all its majesty.  


In science lessons, 'Light,' as the title suggests, provides an all-round approach to discovering what light is and how it acts. The unit takes us on a journey - from describing how light travels, to considering how light reflects off different surfaces and how shadows are formed.  Different sources of light will also be explored, from the sun to torches. Children will have opportunities to build their own torches and periscopes, as well as observing and measuring the distance and angle that light travels.


At the end of this unit, children will know about the different layers of the Earth, including plate tectonics and their potential effects on the Earth's surface. They will be able to talk about different types of rocks and know about their uses and properties. They will also have and understanding of the work of Mary Anning. They will have the opportunity to use maps to learn about the lines of latitude and longitude. They will also learn about volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis and the long and short-term consequences that these can have.