How to use Google Classroom

Requirements for Google Classroom
1) Install Google Chrome Image titled Android7chrome.png 
2) If you are using a mobile phone, iPad, or Tablet go into the app store and install Google Meet 
Please watch the video or view the documents below for information on how your child can submit their work:
Frequently asked questions
My child can't sign in
Please double check that you are entering the login details correctly. The password is case sensitive.
If the issue persists then please email the school on:
When my child signs into Google Classroom, they are asked to enter a Classroom code, what shall I do?
This problem occurs when there is more than 1 Google account logged into the device at the same time. To fix this issue you must sign out of ALL the Google Accounts. 
To sign out on Windows devices
1) On your computer, open Chrome.
2) At the top right, click Profile Profile and then Sign out.
To sign out on your Android phone or tablet
1) On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app Chrome
2) To the right of the address bar, tap More More and then Settings.
3) Tap your name.
4) Tap Sign out of Chrome.
Now sign in with your childs google Classroom login.
When my child logs in on the Google Classroom app, we are shown an error: We are sorry, but you do not have access to the Classroom. Please contact your domain administrator for access. What shall I do? (Mobile phones, Tablets, and iPads only)
1) Sign out of the Google classroom app and then sign back in.
If the above solution has not worked then try the method below:
2) Install Google Apps Device Policy from the App Store, this is available for both Android and Apple devices.
3) Open Google Apps Device Policy and activate your device
4) Now open Google Classroom and try access again
If none of the above solutions have worked for you then Log into Google Classroom through Google Chrome.
When my child opens Google Meet, it's asking for a code (Mobile phones, Tablets, and iPads only)
Please do not try to access a meeting directly through Google Meet.
You MUST go into Google Classroom first and then click on the link for the meeting, your device will automatically detect that Google Meet is installed and open it up for you.
I can hear everyone but people can't hear me
This could be related to many things such as permissions in the browser or any of of the extensions in the browser or simply unmute your microphone.
First of all leave the meeting and then rejoin, if this does not resolve the issue then please try the solutions below
Windows devices
Go to settings -> privacy -> microphone.
Under "choose which Microsoft store apps can access your microphone", allow all of them and allow desktop apps to access your microphone.
Windows, mobile phones, tablets and iPads
Disable Chrome extension one by one and refresh the webpage to see if it has resolved the issue
Windows, mobile phones, tablets and iPads
Other people can mute you to reduce background noise, but they can't unmute you.
  1. Turn on your microphone.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click Mute on .
My child cannot see the assignments under the topic headings
If your child cannot see the work assigned to them, except for the answer sheet, then please follow the instructions below. This issue occurs on mobile phones, tablets, and iPads. 
1) If you have the Google Classroom app installed, then please delete / remove or uninstall the app
2) Open the App Store and search for Google Chrome. If this app is already installed then please open it, if it is not installed then please install it and go onto the Google Classroom webpage.
3) Login with your childs Google classroom details and all the work appear in most case.
In rare cases the if your child still cannot see all their assignments under the topics through Google Chrome, then follow these steps:
1) tap on the 3 dots in a line on the top right-hand side
2) click onto Desktop Site
This resolves the issue.