Year 5 Summer Term (2)

Allotments - Summer 2


To immerse the children in their new topic, they will begin by drawing or creating (using a range of materials), plants and fruits or vegetables for their own imaginative or dream allotment. This work will be displayed in classrooms and referred back to throughout the topic.

 In Science, the children will cover a range of key objectives to ensure anything that was taught remotely during national lockdowns has been revisited and reviewed. Part of our reconnection curriculum is to ensure all pupils have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed on their education journey.

 The children will devise and carry out an investigation to identify the best conditions for seed germination. They will construct food chains and food webs and use them to consider the interconnectivity of living things. Children will create a human timeline diagram, explaining the 6 key stages in a human’s life. They will understand the changes that take place in humans as they develop to old age. 

 Children will visit the school allotments and plant and grow vegetables, as well learning how to look after and protect them. They will learn about the allotments in our local area and understand the importance of the allotment programme.

Children will build on their previous knowledge and learn more about why we eat what we do and they will begin to investigate where our food comes from. BE WARNED... They will start reading food packaging labels and will ask to bring them in so we can create a year group display about the origins of our food. 

 By the end of this unit, children will  design and make their own salad understanding the importance of the chosen ingredients and how they support the need for a healthy and balanced diet.