E-Safety Policy

Due to increased access to numerous different technology platforms, many children are at a greater risk of online grooming, cyber bullying and exposure to inappropriate content online. At Thornton, we believe that e-safety is a critical part of protecting the wellbeing and safety of our pupils online. We believe it is important for us to work in partnership with parents to keep pupils safe online.  


Our e-safety measures enable us to provide an environment for all our pupils to thrive, grow and learn, whilst staying safe online. We put these measures in place through policies and security provisions which safeguard pupils against unsuitable sites and content.


These policies include our Safeguarding Policy, E-Safety Policy, Social Media Policy, Acceptable Use Agreement and Parent, Staff and Pupil Codes of Conduct, which outline the proper use of technology for everyone.  If any incidents breaching these policies occur, they are logged, investigated and managed in accordance with the relevant policy.  Two of these policies are set out below for you to read and learn how we keep children safe and how you can support this at home.  The Safeguarding policy can be found separately on the safeguarding page of the website.  Parents can read and use the Internet Safety Parent guide to help them speak to their children about staying safe whilst using the internet.


We have a number of procedures in place to ensure children cannot access unsuitable websites when using school technology, including software which blocks all websites with adult, violent or age-inappropriate content. Social media sites are also blocked, unless they are school pages used within lessons and under supervision. E-safety is taught to all pupils not only during computing lessons but at any appropriate point when pupils are using technology, and staff are required to undertake e-safety training to update their knowledge.
Parents can visit a wide range of websites to support them: one particularly good site, which provides a range of excellent parents guides, is the National Online Safety website.