English at Thornton Primary School

Here at Thornton, we work to develop lifelong readers. We learn sophisticated reading techniques such as developing inference, summary and prediction skills. We do this through guided reading in small groups, shared reading in larger groups, individual reading and reading for pleasure sessions. Each phase has a high-quality text to focus on and enjoy in each half term. We also pick out interesting vocabulary from these books, investigating words that we can use in our own writing and speaking.

Our reading helps us to develop meaningful sequences of writing. We work on planning, drafting and editing a variety of types of text, inspired by the high-quality texts we have been reading. We are always striving to improve the grammar, punctuation spelling and vocabulary of our writing. We do this through lessons that focus on learning a skill and then by embedding it in our independent writing through the drafting and editing process.

We are learning to use dictionaries and thesauruses to help make our writing more interesting. We often edit our work in pairs, so we can share our knowledge and gain from the expertise of our peers. Teachers provide ‘clouds’, that offer help to anyone who hasn’t quite understood the skill, or to deepen the understanding of those who have got it. Handwriting and presentation is always important: we want everyone to be able to read our wonderful writing.