Year 6 Summer Term (2)

The Heart and Health - Summer 2


The topic will begin with the children going on virtual video tour of the heart and learning and the names and basic functions of the different parts of the heart. This will be a great way to engage them and prepare them for when they dissect an animal heart of their own in the following weeks.  


This unit is designed to help you understand one of body’s many important systems – the circulatory system.  This system is responsible for pumping blood around our body to transport oxygen, water and nutrients. It is a very complex system which is composed of the heartblood vessels, and blood​Children will also learn the importance of exercise and healthy eating when it comes to a strong circulatory system.


Our class novel will be Pig Heart Boy. We will be looking at this book in both our reading and writing lessons. We will look at the issues raised in this story and how Cameron will overcome the controversial views of having a pig’s heart as a transplant. 


In design and technology lessons the children will use their knowledge of the circulatory system from science to create their own working models. They will try to create a mechanism that will illustrate the pumping of the heart and the circulation of the blood through arteries and veins.  


This half term, our topic and science lessons are linked. This gives us many opportunities to explore the concepts in great length. We are focusing on the national curriculum topic of ‘Animals including humans’ and the circulatory system. 


By the end of this unit, children will have had the opportunity to dissect an animal heart and really analyse the workings of this super organ before creating their own model to illustrate how this works. Children will also carry out an investigation on the heart rate within a P.E. lesson, which they will plan beforehand. Furthermore, we will be analysing nutrition labels and creating some of our own using a fantastic website linked to the Government guidelines for nutrition and health.