Year 5 Summer Term (2)

Sow, Grow and Farm - Summer 2


To immerse the children in their new topic, they will create their own world ‘food map’ in their classroom using labels and packaging that has been collected. This will support the children with identifying where our food has originated from.  

In the Sow, Grow and Farm project, children will learn about allotments locally and in other areas of the United Kingdom. We will look at how the government encouraged people to have them to support food rationing during the Second World War. Children will use maps of the world to locate countries and look at the origins of different foods. The impact of food miles on environmental and economics will be considered and they will learn about the benefits of eating seasonally and about the pros and cons of importing food. 

Children will visit our local allotment to sow, grow and farm vegetables as well leaning to grow and look after them. They will review previous learning on food groups and look at why we eat certain food groups and the countries/areas where our food comes from? 


In science, the unit will begin with the children dissecting a flower and looking at the function of each of these parts. The children will then devise and carry out an investigation to identify the best conditions for seed germination. They will describe the process of reproduction in some plants. Children will create a human timeline diagram, explaining the six key stages in a human’s life. They will understand the changes that take place with humans as they develop to old age. In healthy relationships education, we will look at puberty and the physical and emotional changes in boys and girls. 


In design and technology the children will design and create a salad using shredding, cutting and chopping techniques. Children will create artwork using plants and flowers to produce artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

Children will build on their previous knowledge and learn more about why we eat what we do and they will begin to investigate where our food comes from. BE WARNED... They will start reading food packaging labels and will ask to bring them in so we can create a year group display about the origins of our food. 

 By the end of this unit, children will  design and make their own salad understanding the importance of the chosen ingredients and how they support the need for a healthy and balanced diet.