Friday 29th September 2017

29th September 2017
Hello everyone!
We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who kindly donated cakes and attended our coffee morning to raise money for Macmillion Cancer research. So far we have raised £129.60.
Thank you
Shanti Devi, Pastoral Manager & Debbie Mian, School Nurse

Y3 Life in the Stone Age Trip
Last week Year 3 travelled back in time to the Stone Age! We visited the woodlands to experience what life was like in the Stone Age. We learnt about how people dressed, what tools they used for work and we got to make some Stone Age food! Healthy Snacks and Lunchboxes, please can we remind parents that if your child has a packed lunch then their lunchbox must contain healthy items; it should not contain energy drinks, crisps or chocolate bars, with the exception of one healthy treat on a Friday. For example, a good lunchbox should include, at least one portion of fruit, at least one portion of vegetables and meat or fish. We have a lunchbox policy to encourage healthy choices for all children. A healthy lunchbox makes a positive contribution to a child’s health.
Star Pupil Award
Owlets Saad Habib
Wise Owls Matharr Nji
Great Horned Owl 3 Haider Naseer
Tawny Owl 3 Aneela Zafran
Snowy Owl 3 Aamina Javid
Eagle Owl 3 Zahra Mohammadzai
Barn Owl 3 Pa Sarjo Camara
Great Horned Owl 4 Aqib Mehmood
Tawny Owl 4 Farrah Nadeem
Snowy Owl 4 Lamar Yousef
Eagle Owl 4 Kie-Raine Squire
Barn Owl 4 Haleema Kauser
Great Horned Owl 5 Hassaan Hussain
Tawny Owl 5 Laiba Naveed
Snowy Owl 5 Sana Zamankhel
Eagle Owl 5 Zainab Zia
Barn Owl 5 Imaan Rashid
Great Horned Owl 6 Zara Khoker
Tawny Owl 6 Zaynah Ali
Snowy Owl 6 Rehaan Mohammed
Eagle Owl 6 Rayhaan Mahmood
Barn Owl 6 Iqra Begum
Diary Dates
2nd October– Parents Evening for

A big thank you to all the parents
who came to our Eid Mela we
raised a grand total of £340.00
which will go to the Penny Appeal for

Y6 Schools Ties
Great news we now have the Y6 school ties back in stock. Please come to Reception if you would like to buy
one—they are £4.00 Applications for Secondary Schools Please remember that the deadline for the Secondary Schools applications is 31st October 2017. To apply, please use the following link:
Bug Club
Just a reminder for all parents the school code for “Bug Club” is sgwl.
Please can we remind all parents NOT to park on the zig zag lines, in front of the gate or double park outside school. This is increasing becoming a problem and compromises the safety of the children. The police are patrolling-you have been warned!!!
100% Attendance
The following class achieved 100%attendance last week—well done!!
Tawny Owl 3, Tawny Owl 4, Eagle Owl 6.
Well done to the following classes who beat the school target and achieved 97% and above;
Snowy Owl 3, Great Horned Owl 3, Snowy Owl 4, Eagle Owl 4, Tawny Owl 5, Great
Horned Owl 5