20th October 2017

20th October 2017

Hello everyone,

Well,  this has been an amazingly busy week to end the half term on!

I want to thank you all for your incredible support during the inspection both in speaking to the inspectors, completing questionnaires and getting the children to school looking so smart.  At this stage we cannot publicise the outcome of the inspection as all the evidence collected has to be checked before the final judgement can be confirmed.  It was a very challenging but enjoyable experience that will benefit the school going forward into the future. I expect to be able to let everyone know the outcome of the inspection in the first week back after half term.

In the meantime, I wish you all a happy and restful half term break.  See you all on Tuesday 31st October as Monday 30th is a staff training day.

Sue Simmons, Headteacher.

Tax free childcare.

Did you know that if you currently pay for nursery provision you can register for a tax free savings account where the government will add 25% to what you save to pay for your nursery fees.  Visit https://www.gov.uk/help-with-childcare-costs/tax-free-childcare to find out more.  You can also visit https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/ where you can find out about all the free childcare you may be eligible for.

Harvest Festival and Coffee Morning invitation

There will be a School Councillor Harvest Assembly on Friday 3rd November at 9am, followed by a coffee morning to raise funds for our local food bank. All parents are welcome to attend.

E-schools Update

Please ensure you have downloaded the e-Schools app onto your smartphone. We will be going live next term!


Magic 20 Raising Attendance Project

In order to work in partnership with parents we will be once again running ‘The Magic 20 Raising Attendance project’ next term .  This project is targeted at pupils with attendance below 90% and the main aim is to reward pupils for the achievement of attending school every day.  Your child will be much happier and settled if they attend school every day consistently without taking any days off.

The Magic 20 Attendance Project will start on Monday 6th November 2017 and if your child’s attendance is below 90% they will be part of this project and you will receive a letter in the first week of term giving more information and on how your child will be rewarded if they attend for 20 days in a row.


For everyone in school remember these golden rules to improve your child’s attendance!

* *   Avoid booking appointments during the school day whenever possible and always bring your child to school before/after appointments.

* Arrive to school early – we open at 8.45 am and we also have Breakfast Club from 7.45 am for only £1.00.  Free for families eligible for Pupil Premium.

* Make sure your child gets to bed on time and set your alarm 10 minutes earlier.

* Liaise with the school nurse for minor colds and coughs rather than going to your GP.


School Uniform

Uniform is now available via F&F at Tesco online, although school will still hold a very small amount of stock.

Parents will be able to collect Clubcard points with every purchase and orders are delivered to your nominated address. Please note that there is a small delivery charge of £3.00, but any returns are free.

All F&F uniform is ethically sourced and embroidered in the UK and best of all, the school receives a 5% cash donation on all orders placed.

Here is the link for you to get onto our page to start ordering!