Mathematics at Thornton Primary School

Mathematics at Thornton ensures pupils secure conceptual understanding and there is a challenge for all so that every child has an opportunity to problem solve and reason in every lesson.

Every child starts with a Core Skill which is directly linked to the learning objective. Pupils are given an opportunity to practise and secure the Core Skill through teacher's modelling and Guided Practise. Pupils show their understanding through the use of concrete resources, pictorial representations and verbal/written responses.

The pupils are then given an opportunity to 'go deeper' through Depth Tasks and Greater Depth Tasks which are a combination of problem-solving and reasoning questions that involve deeper thinking. Pupils are exposed to challenges that are open ended to allow pupils to think mathematically, explore concepts by identifying misconceptions and pattern spotting.

There is a Cold Task at the start of each unit of work which assesses if the pupils are secure in the prerequisite skills. This informs future planning so all pupils make good progress.

At the end of each unit, we have a Hot Task to ensure all pupils have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and celebrate the learning for that unit through an opened ended Mathematics investigation. Each unit of work is built on progression and the sequence of lessons is built around Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract to secure pupils conceptual understanding. Working Walls identifies precise Mathematics vocabulary that will be explored during the particular unit of work and 'Tookits' demonstrate how a concept has been modelled step by step through key questions and visual examples.

We ensure pupils have access to concrete resources in every lesson. There are Maths Help Stations in each classroom in Lower Key Stage (Yr 1-3) and Maths Boxes in KS2 which are easily accessible by all pupils which promotes independence and ownership of their own learning.  Pupils use Mathletics regularly inside and out of school which engages and motivate pupils in Mathematics.