Thornton Times - Diary Dates

29th January 2016

Hello everyone,

Another busy week and lots of news.  Please take a minute to read about all the exciting things coming up so that you can take part with your children. 

I hope that you are all pleased with the uniform colour—I will have some samples to show you soon and we can order what you want after half term.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Sue Simmons, Headteacher.


Diary Dates

The next few weeks are set to be a very busy time at Thornton. Plenty of exciting events, trips and activities coming up for both parents and children.

Tuesday 9th Feb: Safer Internet Day

Special assemblies and activities will take place throughout the day to cover this important topic.

Friday 12th Feb:  Party afternoon to open our new Reception playground.

Friday 12th Feb: School breaks up for Half Term  Monday 22nd Feb: Back to School

W/C Mon 29th Feb: Book Week and on Thurs 3rd March: World Book Day, when we will be dressing up as characters from our favourite books.

W/C 7th March: Fair Trade Week

During this week, children will learn about lots of different foods from around the world.

W/C 14th March: National Science Week

A fun-filled week of educational trips and activities—including an inflatable planetarium in school and rocket building competitions!

Mon 21st March: Reading Workshops (Reception, Yr 1, 2 and 3)

Inspirational speaker, Neil Griffiths, is coming to give a fantastic talk on how to ‘Develop A Love of Reading’ with your children.

Mon 24th March: Thornton Community Day (details to be confirmed)


New Uniform Colour!

The children have been voting for their favourite uniform colours this week—and we can announce that the winner is…. NAVY BLUE!

Clive Mark Schoolwear will be coming in towards the end of February to measure the children for their FREE super, smart new uniforms!  We will send more details separately but in the meantime please don’t worry about replacing the red uniform straight away—the new colour will be phased in between now and September when the navy blue uniform will fully replace the red.  Thank you to everyone who voted!


Playground behaviour

We are working very hard to make our playgrounds safe and enjoyable places for the children to spend their breaktimes, including refurbishing all the playgrounds between now and Easter.

Unfortunately we are continuing to have problems with boys in particular playing very boisterously and causing harm to other children.  Whilst we appreciate that children want to ‘let off steam’ we have to put the safety of all the children top of our list of priorities!  I have written to parents today separately but please can I ask for your help in speaking to your children and explaining to them the importance of playing safely.  If some of our children continue to behave recklessly then we will be asking you to take them home at lunchtimes to keep the other children safe.

Thank you for your help—together we can make our playgrounds safe and fun to be in!