Thornton Times

19th May 2017

Hello everyone,

What a weird week for weather—one minute it is raining and the next it is sunny.  Bring on the summer!

Just a reminder that next week is our last week of term and we will be back bright and early on Monday 5th June.  Can you please pay particular attention to uniform next term—some of the children are coming to school in very inappropriate footwear and questionable uniform.  We will be challenging uniform so let’s see some smarter children!

Sue Simmons, Headteacher.


Wake Up Shake Up

The children have really embraced      getting fit in the mornings with the school nurse, Mrs Mian and Mrs Scott from our Admin Team.  They chose different songs and learned new dance moves whilst keeping fit..  The club runs from 8.15am—8.30am every morning.  Great fun is had by all!  If your child wants to take part they need to come to Reception by 8.10am.  After club they will then go onto the playground until the bell goes.

The Readathon will begin on Monday 22nd May.  For more details please look out for the letter sent home this week



Eagle Owl

Barn Owl  

Snowy Owl

Tawny Owl

Great Horned Owl

Year 3






Year 4












Year 6













Be the Change Awards 2017

This year, five schools in Birmingham participated in the anti-litter campaign.  The competition required the children to develop ideas about how we, as a local community, could tackle littering and its consequential impact on marine life.  Pitching their ideas in poster, poem or video form all participating pupils showcased their passion, commitment and creativity towards inspiring others to take responsibility for the environment.

All entries were shown to an expert panel of judges;

Hugo Tagholm—Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) CEO

Tracy Lynch—Head of Greggs Foundation

Dom Ferris—Head of Community and Engagement at SAS

Jo Miles—Breakfast Club Manager at Greggs Foundation

In 6th place with 155 points—Mustafa Qabil (Barn Owl 5)

In 4th place with 187.5 points—Laaibah Murtaza (Eagle Owl 5)

In 1st place with a grand total of 312 points—Halima Iqbal, Mishall Mahmood, Isa Yaqub, Kausar Khanum, Anisah  Khan, Aleena Ifzal and Zaynah Ali (Tawny Owl 5)

Creating a video masterpiece with the play-script completely written by the pupils, the winning group’s idea “THE SUPER SWEEPER SLIDER” revealed different themed slides for different types of litter.  Children waiting to throw their litter away could receive a free pass on the slide and attempt to dunk their rubbish into the recycle bins as they sweep down the slide.  Be the Change were unbelievably impressed with all of Thornton’s entries and left the following comments for the overall winners:

“Delivery was very creative, active and inventive with a clear message that the children understood why they are involved with the project… It was lovely to see a smiley       enthusiastic group of children acting out their idea...they bought their pitch to life!  A fantastic effort.  Congratulations!

As the Be the Change winners, the school will shortly receive a £250.00 grant and the Be the Change trophy.  The winning group will work on using the money to implement their fantastic idea!  We look forward to keeping you up-to-date on the winning project



The month of Ramadan will be observed starting next, this means that fasting will be well underway once we return to school after the half term break.  We would like to remind all parents that we do not expect children in Reception, Y1, 2, 3 and 4 to be fasting during school time as we are mindful of their health and safety.  Please can we ask all parents of Year 5 and Year 6 to please return the fasting letters that were sent out this week on Monday.  If we have not received a written reply from yourselves we will assume that your child is not fasting in school.


Year 3 September Intake

Attention all parents with Y2 children transferring from Sladefield to Thornton in September 2017—don’t worry we haven't forgotten about you!  Letters will be sent to you via Sladefield School to inform you about the Induction Day arrangements.  You will get the chance to meet your child’s new class teacher, ask questions and complete the necessary forms for the school’s records.  You can also buy uniform on that day.


Year 1

Year 1 are moving over to the main school site after half term, please make sure you have checked your child’s bag for a letter regarding this from Miss Loach.



Please can we remind all parents that children should not be dropped off at school and left on the playground before 8.30am.  There are no adults on the playground until that time and it is not safe for your child to be left unattended.


Footwear in school

Following a spate of small accidents, please can we remind all parents to ensure that children come to school with sensible school shoes with a good grip on the sole.  Trainers or sneakers are not permitted in school!


100% Attendance

The following classes achieved 100%attendance last week—well done!!

Snowy Owl 6, Tawny Owl 6, Great Horned Owl 6.  

Well done to the following classes who beat the school target and achieved 97% attendance and above;

Owl Babies, Barn Owl 3, Snowy Owl 4, Tawny Owl 4,   Eagle Owl 4, Great Horned Owl 4, Barn Owl 4, Tawny Owl 5, Eagle Owl 5, Barn Owl 5, Eagle Owl 5, Great Horned Owl 5, Eagle Owl 6


Parent Library Sessions

This is an opportunity for parents to visit the school library to borrow a book to take home.  These will be held weekly on: Wednesday—3.00pm-3.30pm, Friday—9.00 am-9.30am


Star Pupil Award

Owl Babies

Musa Abid


Subhan Khan

Wise Owls

Rayyaan Karim

Great Horned Owl 3

Nayyab Nadeem

Tawny Owl 3

Lana Khatun

Snowy Owl 3

Sara Sein

Eagle Owl 3

Maryam Mohammadzai

Barn Owl 3

Zulaikhah Tariq

Great Horned Owl 4

Haider Ali

Tawny Owl 4

Illyas Atmar

Snowy Owl 4

Daniyal Mahmood

Eagle Owl 4

Mohammed Sami

Barn Owl 4

Gheorghe Vasile

Great Horned Owl 5

Moeed Shahid

Tawny Owl 5

Ayaan Ali

Snowy Owl 5

Ahsan Muhammed

Eagle Owl 5

Zakariya Saeed

Barn Owl 5

Mohammad Shahban

Great Horned Owl 6

Ahsan Aqeel

Tawny Owl 6

Hasib Mehmood

Snowy Owl 6

Sidhrah Bokhari

Eagle Owl 6

Fatima Ahmed

Barn Owl 6

Jibril Idris


Parking - Please can we remind all parents NOT to park on the zig zag lines, in front of the gate or double park outside school.  This is increasingly becoming a problem and compromises the safety of the children.  The police are patrolling—you have been warned!!