Thornton Times

14th October 2016

Hello everyone!

What a busy and demanding week we have had at Thornton this week! We were visited by HMI on Wednesday to review our progress against targets set at our previous Ofsted inspection. We are now awaiting a letter to let us know how we are doing and as soon as we have news we will share it with you. A massive thank you to everyone, children, staff and parents for their support in helping us to demonstrate what fantastic improvements we are making. We still have a long way to go to get where we want to be, but it’s great to have such a strong team effort from our whole school community.

Have a great weekend everyone! Mrs Grace.


Greek Day

On 7th October, Year 5 took part in Thornton’s first ever Ancient Greek Day.

The children took part in different Ancient Greek activities, including: making shields, designing and creating their own pottery, making their own crowns and bracelets and taking part in Ancient Greek style Olympic Games.The day was ended with an authentic banquet where the children got to try delicacies of the time, including: houmous, halloumi, olives, feta and goats cheese.

The teachers in Year 5 cannot thank the children and parents enough for their contributions for the day and without your effort with costumes and food, the day would not have been a success.


A Big Thank You

We would like to say a very big thank you to all the parents who returned their questionnaires; we received numerous         responses. We were overwhelmed with the comments that you have made about the school.

Thank you for your continuing support. It is very much appreciated.

Also, please do not forget to check the website regarding the current curriculum for your child.


Collection of children from After School Clubs

As the evenings get     increasingly darker and the weather more       unsettled, we will be   dismissing any children who attend an After School Club from the School Hall. We would encourage parents and carers to arrive at the main reception no later than 4.10pm for clubs ending at 4.15pm and 4.25pm for clubs ending at 4.30pm.

You will be shown into the School Hall from the main reception to wait for the children to be delivered by the teacher.

Thank you for your co-operation.



Please don’t forget that we are still     holding ParentPay sessions on Monday     between 9am and 11am and Friday     between 2pm and 4pm. Please come along if you are having any difficulties using your account. It is crucial that you come to see us to avoid any increasing debts. If you are struggling to pay a debt please still come in and we can help to set up a   payment plan for you.

Thank you!


Star Pupils

Owl Babies

Aisha Ansari


Naffis Hussain

Wise Owls

Aneeqa Qabil

Great Horned Owl 3

Zahra Shahzad

Tawny Owl 3

Sara Ali

Snowy Owl 3

Zayna Naaz

Eagle Owl 3

Abubaker Khan

Barn Owl 3

Maha Khokhar

Great Horned Owl 4

Zeeshan Altaf

Tawny Owl 4

Laaibah Hussain

Snowy Owl 4

Hassan Butt

Eagle Owl 4


Barn Owl 4

Sahara Begum

Great Horned Owl 5

Laiba Arif

Tawny Owl 5

Sulaiman Ali

Snowy Owl 5

Hader Ali

Eagle Owl 5

Ikram Hussain

Barn Owl 5

Maryam Salim

Great Horned Owl 6

Haaris Ali and Hussan Hussain

Tawny Owl 6

Safa Hussain

Eagle Owl 6

Abdul Muteeb

Barn Owl 6

Hasibah Javed