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29th April 2016

29th April 2016

Hello everyone,

We have enjoyed some lovely sunshine this week as well as snow, hail, rain and freezing temperatures—typical spring days in the UK! Thank you for ensuring that your child is well dressed for school—please take time to read our separate Uniform leaflet today as it will inform you of how to buy additional items through school.

Have a great weekend everyone! Mrs Simmons, Headteacher

Sainsbury’s Vouchers



We are now collecting Sainsbury’s School Vouchers. If you are collecting these vouchers yourselves, then please hand them into the reception’s office. This will help us to acquire more sports’ equipment for our school.

Dinner Money Please can we remind all parents that dinner money has now increased to £10.75 per week. Lots of parents are still only paying £10.50. Please can you ensure that you pay the correct

amount next week to avoid getting into debt.


We will be including children’s pictures in their reports this year. The

pictures will only be used in the reports and will not be used

electronically or on the website. If, however, you have any objection to

us using your child’s picture for report then please do not hesitate to

speak to Mrs Simmons.

Text Service

A text service will now be used to keep parents up to date with any

notifications and important news. Please can you therefore ensure

that we have your most up to date mobile number.

Parents' Commitee

Friends of Thornton—the next Parents’ Committee meeting will be held on the 9th

May at 9am. We look forward to seeing you there.

School Closures

School is closed next week on Monday May 2nd and Thursday May 5th.

The school newsletter for children, parents and carers of Thornton Primary School.

Upcoming Trip Dates

Twycross Zoo—4th May—Year 2

West Midlands Safari Park

9th May—4HA and 4JW

10th May—4RE

11th May—4CT and 4SJ


22nd June—3AA and 3AS

23rd June—3LC

24th June—3NI and 3RM,

24th June—Residential—starts for

Year 6.

RNH Malika Asif

1RL Aryan Mohammed

2ST Mahirah Mehmood

3AA Zainab Zia

3AS Musa Khalil

3LC Misbah Mahmood

3NI Yousuf Islam

3RM Khadijah Tariq

4CT Lily Room

4HA Amaan Tahir

4JW Ibrahim Asif

4RE Sumayyah Begum

4SJ Fiza Nasir

5CH Malayeka Khan

5BH Hamida Ahmadzai

5SA Daanyaal Daud

5SL Ana-Maria Oprea

5TR Huraim Tawasin

6EB Sana Nadeem—Somro

6EH Ribqah Mahmood

6JR Zakarea Rimadin

6KG Aisha Arshad

6NW Amena Rahman

6RR Zoya Jabeen


Stay Safe Traffic Assembly

"On Tuesday 19th of April a visitor from the Birmingham City Council Traffic Team came to our school and talked

about road safety around our area. She told us about how important road safety is and we also found out that more accidents occur with children my age (9 years old and over) than toddlers. This may be as older children may be more interested in phones and technology unlike younger children, who always hold their parents’ hand when crossing the road, as well as taking more risks. We were given examples of places where to cross such as the traffic lights and zebra and pelican crossings. Also the visitor told us about how to never ever let your parents’ park on the yellow zigzags by schools, as it may be endangering someone’s life. Overall, it is essential to look both ways when crossing the roads and to be safe on the roads.

If we all be vigilant and sensible on the roads we can save lives and somebody else’s life." Ismail Rahman 5TR

**The Star Pupil Assembly will take place on the 9th May due to the Bank Holiday this Monday**

Headteacher: Mrs Sue Simmons

Deputy Headteacher: Mr Barnsley

Assistant Headteachers: Mrs Grace and Miss McCall-Hughes

Thornton Primary School

Ward End, Birmingham, B8 2LQ

0121 327 0824