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22nd April 2016

22nd April 2016



Thornton Community Day

Everyone had an absolutely fantastic time at Thornton’s first Community Day

and it was a brilliant success. The children loved the outdoor activities and there

was lots of fun to be had indoors too, with many different stalls, ranging from face

painting to a variety of foods that were available to try. Thank you to the Friends

of Thornton for their fantastic organisation skills (and energy!) and to all parents

and family members for your support! We are looking forward to our next

Community day in September!

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School Trips and Activities

Year 1 Trip—Sutton Park

Year 1 had a great time in Sutton Park with Andy thei guide. They climbed trees, played games and built dens. The children really enjoyed being outdoors, getting lots o exercise and exploring the environment.

Year 1 will also be going to Woodlands again soon, so there will be another opportunity to have lots of fun in the great outdoors.

Recently, the Thornton Brass musicians played a concert

to showcase their talents. There were hits from Abba, Ricky Martin, Robbie Williams and Cliff Richard. All of the children practised hard and

cannot wait for the next concert. Miss Taylor has

said that she is so proud of the effort and determination the children have shown and the hours of practice they have obviously put in since getting their instruments. It was a thoroughly enjoyable concert.

Year 6 Trip—Think Tank

Year 6 recently visited the Think Tank and had a fantastic time. Below are some of the

children’s thoughts about the day.

"I think Think Tank was a brilliant experience. There was a variety of things to do. I thin the best part was going to the future because we got a chance to control a robot." Fatima Noor 6EB

"My Think Tank experience was amazing. At first sight I thought we were just going to a dull Museum, then once we arrived I was intrigued at how the building was so colossal. There were a wide range of floors in the building and when we encountered each one there was always something exciting to take part in such as: all about

me, the past, recycling and most popular the amusing space show."

Inaaya Khan 6EB

"The Smethwick Engine at Think Tank is the world’s oldest steam engine and was built over 230 years ago—this was my favourite." Natasha Qabil 6EB

Peer Mediators

Mrs Simmons is very pleased that we now have Peer Mediators here at Thornton. This has proved to be a great idea by Sana in Year 6. She explains below what a Peer Mediator is and the responsibilities this brings.

"I joined Thornton Primary School in October 2015 and a few weeks later I was selected to take on the role as Deputy Head Girl. In my previous school I was chosen as a Peer Mediator. A Peer Mediator is a

pupil who helps the lunch and break time supervisors to solve problems and arguments. When I noticed that many students have arguments due to small issues, I thought it would be a great idea to start the Peer Mediation process at Thornton. After talking to Mrs Simmons and getting her approval, I advertised vacancies for Peer Mediation. I designed

an application form and got a huge response with a whopping 122 applicants. After short-

listing the forms I went through the interviewing process with the help of some of the

members of the senior team, which was then followed by the hardest part—picking the

mediators. At the end of the process Mrs Simmons and myself held an assembly where the

Peer Mediators were given a certificate and lanyard. The parents were invited to come along

to the ceremony where they received their responsibilities."

Sana Nadeem Somro 6EB

Tuck Shop

It is great to now have a healthy tuck shop available at Thornton Primary

School. The Year 6’s have played a huge part in ensuring the smooth running

of the Tuck Shop as a whole. A meeting was held with Mrs Simmons to

calculate prices, however, ultimately the children are responsible for conducting the selling

independently. The nine monitors replenish stock daily and are responsible for giving out

change. The children have relished these responsibilities and have really enjoyed partaking

in their own business venture. This experience provides them with valuable skills that they

will need to use in the future.

Zaynab 6KG, Momodou 6KG, Zain 6RR and Malyka 6RR have said what they think about the Tuck Shop. "We as part of the Tuck Shop committee would like to inform all parents of how proud we are of our venture. Our great Tuck Shop has started with great success. With the help of some of the staff, the Tuck Shop has been very popular. Healthier compared to high street shops, it provides a wide range of nutritional snacks and it is very cheap too. A big thank you to everyone involved for helping make our school healthy."


RNH class have enjoyed watching the chicks hatch and grow. They have learnt how to look after and care for animals and have even been able to weigh and measure the chicks. The children and Miss Hussain are going to miss them so much when they go.

Headteacher: Mrs Sue Simmons

Deputy Headteacher: Mr Barnsley

Assistant Headteachers: Mrs Grace and Miss McCall-Hughes

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Urgent Reminder

Please can we remind all parents that dinner money has now increased to £10.75 per week. This is an increased cost of 5p per day. Dinners are therefore £2.15 per day.

1 Day—£2.15, 2 Days—£4.30, 3 Days—£6.45, 4 Days, £8.60, 5 Days—£10.75.

The increase started on the 18/04/2016, so please be aware of this when you pay next

week’s dinner money. Thank you.