Friday 6th October 2017

6th October 2017

Dear parents,

The governors and I are delighted with the feedback we had following our most recent parents’ evenings, with more than  150 parents completing the online questionnaire.  98% of parents agreed (with almost 50% strongly agreeing) with all statements on the questionnaire.  We want to thank you for your continued support and the lovely comments that some of you made at the end of the questionnaire.

As I am sure you all know, since I came to Thornton I have operated an ‘Open Door’ policy, where parents and families can come into school at any time and speak to a senior member of staff about anything that is causing them concern, or indeed is making them happy!  We would encourage parents, in the first instance, to please come to see us so that we can help you to resolve any issues.

I told you last term that Governors have recently updated our complaints policy, which can be found on the school website, and we have now put a simple flow chart alongside this so that you have an ’at a glance’ guide if you wish to make a complaint.

We hope that by working together we can resolve any issues at an early stage and ensure that your children are safe, happy and making excellent progress at Thornton.

Have a great weekend!

Sue Simmons, Headteacher

Amjid Ali, Chair of Governors.


Congratulations to the following children, they are our new librarians!  All of these children have librarian badges and will be in charge of the library at breaks and lunchtimes.

Iqra Begum BO6

Anika Maryam GHO6

Sumayyah Begum BO6

Mehreen  Ansar GHO5

Eliza Adnan GHO5

Hadiyah Arooj SO4

Myra Hussain TO4

our eSchools App

Don’t forget to download the eSchools App so you can receive emails, text messages, newsletters and other important information. Visit our website for more information.

Star Pupil


Hajara Farid

Wise Owls

Eesa Hussain

Great Horned Owl 3

Aliya Abddiaziz

Tawny Owl 3

Romeesa Akhtar

Snowy Owl 3

Zimal Khan

Eagle Owl 3

Zaynah Bashir

Barn Owl 3

Liza Hafeez

Great Horned Owl 4

Zeyan Ali

Tawny Owl 4

Safyan Mahmood

Snowy Owl 4

Mustafa Shah

Eagle Owl 4

Muhamad Khan

Barn Owl 4

Safa Idrees

Great Horned Owl 5

Hashir Mehmood

Tawny Owl 5

Tabassam Islam

Snowy Owl 5

Mahza Muhammad

Eagle Owl 5

Zaynah Riaz

Barn Owl 5

Waahid Mahmood

Great Horned Owl 6

Sajjad Hussain

Tawny Owl 6

Kausar Khanum

Snowy Owl 6

Mohammed Danyaal

Eagle Owl 6

Anum Azhar

Barn Owl 6

Shabnum Ara


Diary Dates

Greek Day

Year 5 will be celebrating Greek Day on 13th October.

The day will consist of learning about Greek History,  playing Greek games and sampling Greek food. A separate letter has been sent out.

We are asking parents for a £1.00 contribution for this day. Please remember to send in the new pound coin in a sealed envelope by Wednesday 11th.  Thanks!

School Dinner Money

Please remember to pay your child’s dinner money every week at the start of the week. 

We will be sending debt letters chasing parents with outstanding dinner money.

Please remember to pay on time to avoid receiving debt letters and phone calls.

Message from the Office

The old round pound coin will stop being legal tender on the 15th October 2017. Please remember to take them to the bank or use them by this date.

The school will stop taking the old pound coin as payment from Monday 9th October 2017.  Where possible please use ParentPay for all payments to the school.  Thank you.


The following class achieved 100%attendance last week—well done!! 

Snowy Owl 3   Tawny Owl 5    Great Horned  Owl 5    Snowy Owl 6

Well done to the following classes who beat the school target and achieved 97% and above; Owlets 1, Tawny Owl 3, Eagle Owl 3, Barn Owl 3, Great Horned  Owl 4, Barn Owl 4,Snowy Owl 5, Eagle Owl 5, Eagle Owl 6—fantastic to see so many classes hitting the school target!